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Pink Faun stands for high-quality audio with excellent customer service

We welcome you to browse our website and learn more about our brand. We take pride in offering you high-end audio products with our in-house developed hardware built by professionals. Everything is made by hand in The Netherlands.

Discover our outstanding customer support, both via our website as well as our carefully chosen dealers. Benefit from the client guarantees and our upgrade system enabling you start with a basic product and upgrade it to the high end model over time.

About Pink Faun
Pink Faun finds its origin in the mid 90’s trading tubes and NOS-components, and modifying high-end audio equipment. Valued clients started requesting us to develop complete audio systems. With our expanding reputation over time, the demand for Pink Faun complete products grew as well.

Once our first complete products were sold, there was no holding back in developing the brand further. Today, Pink Faun has become a stable brand always searching for new ideas, investigating new techniques, and offering excellent customer support. We make all our products by hand and design with only one thing in mind: No Sound, Just Music.

Please feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.


When developing our streaming products, we keep in mind that the principle ‘digital’ is non-existent. Digital is merely an analog signal interpreted as a 1 and a 0. Important to note is that Pink Faun works from the principle: if you add nothing, you do not have to filter out anything.

An excellent power supply is a basis for superb audio. This is no different for our products, all Pink Faun streamers are built with high-quality linear power supplies. Starting with the power transformers which are custom-made according to our stringent specifications.
In addition to the high-quality, simple and fast electronic circuits in our power supplies we pay a lot of attention to the software and hardware as well. We do not believe in regular software on conventional hardware. Quality for both is key. Our custom-made software is designed to work flawlessly with our hardware.
Well-developed software is of great importance to ultimate audio quality and also for easy use of the equipment rendering undisturbed music enjoyment. All you have to do is pick up your tablet and take pleasure in your music.

To keep your product up-to-date at all times, we make sure a solid updating system can simply implement new developments. No need to be a computer geek to enjoy Pink Faun streaming products for times to come.


Sound essentially consists of analog signals, which processing is associated with the problems of attenuation, noise, and deterioration. These issues are addressed when the original sound passes through an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) after which the resulting data can be distributed on CDs or via networks as digital sound. Following, these data are processed using a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) in the end user's digital audio device and output as analog sound.

In the digitization of analog signals, sampling is carried out at a certain frequency. To reproduce sound with the highest fidelity possible, higher sampling frequencies and bit rates are required. Today's high-resolution audio sources are characterized by sampling frequencies and bit rates superior to those used for CDs, enabling digitalization for true high-fidelity audio reproduction.
Faithful reproduction of high-resolution audio sources requires precise digital signal processing and analog sound output with reduced deterioration of the sound source in the digital audio device.

This conversion accuracy depends on the noise characteristics (i.e., frequency components outside the target frequency) of the clock frequency of the audio device used. To enhance the sound reproducibility Pink Faun OCXO clocks are designed with superior phase noise characteristics (i.e., low jitter).

Read more about clocks


Digital does not exist. Digital is an analog signal (in its purest form a square wave) that is interpreted as a 1 or a 0. In reality, it is impossible to generate a purely square wave, and we have to deal with noise: an unwanted disturbance in an electrical signal.

Our goal in designing Pink Faun bridges is to keep it clean and simple. We believe in the principle: if you add nothing, you do not have to filter out anything. Pink Faun bridges are designed to keep interference in the digital signal to a minimum. Think of low noise linear regulation with pre and post choke / PI filtering, low noise accurate OCXO clock, and fast and simple electronic circuits with high-quality components. Our range of digital output cards consists of a LAN bridge, USB bridge, SPDIF bridge, and an I2S bridge.

In case you need something special, please contact us, and we can discuss what our engineers can do for you.


Pink Faun cables are handcrafted in a small workshop situated on the outskirts of the Utrecht Ridge. A beautiful, wooded and hilly area situated in the middle of our country The Netherlands. Experienced craftsmen make sure every cable is manufactured with close attention to detail ensuring every cable to perform at the highest level.

Pink Faun cables are known for their natural, organic character. If you are looking for cables to add any color or flavor to the systems, signature Pink Faun is not the cable for you. However, when looking for reference cables that reveal the true potential of the system without coloring the sound, Pink Faun cables will suit you best.

Think of inky-black background, wider soundstage, more depth, 3D staging, and lots of dynamics. Pink Faun cables have it all to bring your systems full potential: No Sound... Just Music.

Pink Faun Customer Service

Aside from offering Pink Faun products via our webshop, we continuously build a dealer network made up of true specialists. As a consumer, you are welcome to either purchase through a dealer or our website. Or through a combination. Order via our webshop and pick up at the nearest dealer.

Our approach guarantees a fair margin to our dealers and strengthens the relationship between online and in-store shopping. In the unforeseen case you need customer support, you can reach out either to Pink Faun directly, or to one of our dealers.

Your guarantees
We know how difficult it can be to assess and purchase audio equipment, especially in a webshop. Pink Faun has full confidence in its products and offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on all online purchases. Custom build orders are final and excepted from this rule! When you decide to keep the product, we offer a standard warranty of 5 years and a free-of-charge biannual technical inspection / software update on all products. (carry in).