Welcome to Pink Faun

We established Pink Faun hi-fidelity with the mission of revolutionizing the way we experience digital music playback. Firmly believing that music delivered through a digital medium can evoke the same joy and emotional resonance as listening to the finest vinyl or reel-to-reel tape. Deeply rooted in analogue audio design, it's that specific approach to digital playback that sets us apart. The fascinating aspect of digital playback lies in the journey of music files emerging from a meticulously controlled digital environment, ultimately reaching us through analogue reproducers such as loudspeakers or headphones. Hence, we design our digital music devices as analogue components with the technical advantages of the digital and the musicality of the analogue domain, exploring new territories of hi-fidelity.

As we like to say:

no sound, just music

Handcrafted in The Netherlands

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Shallow words come easy when boosting one's own achievements. They only become meaningful when coming from international recognized and very well respected voices.